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Duke Hatcher


Message from the founder

Giving you a safe and healthy workplace is our passion...

When most business's say that it is a passion, it can seem like a gimmick, but that is where we are different. Our founder, Duke Hatcher, has been in the commercial cleaning industry since he was a child!
How? No, he wasn't breaking child labor laws. Duke was raised in a family that owned a commercial cleaning business. From then, he went on to create a commercial business that he ran and sold. But he wasn't finished there...
He moved on to create the Day & Night Building Services business. The business you are looking at. So when we say he has a passion for it, we mean it! Not only that, but he also has an understanding of the business that others only dream of having.
If you are looking for the best Commercial Cleaners in the greater Columbus area, then look no farther. Reach out to us today to see how we can help you!

Our Promise to you...

Commercial cleaning
Professional Quality Guarantee
Customized Cleaning
Easy and Affordable Payments
Commercial cleaning
Best Product Guarantee

Listen, we take our promises seriously. And this is no different. We are here to get the job done, and get it done right. And we understand that you are looking for the best at an affordable rate. That is where we come in… 

If you are ready to experience the Day & Night difference, then call us today!

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Our Cleaning Experts

Meet our hand picked, experienced team members. When you get our services, you get a friendly face, ready to help you with what your business needs!

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